Countdown to April 1

So I am just building out our blog right now.  I’m so excited to try this whole blogging thing about our eating adventures in Houston and can’t wait for April 1st.  Two whole months of eating at different restaurants.  I know what you’re thinking – geez, that’s got to cost a fortune!  Well, it depends.  Chad and I are not the type of people who will go eat at $$$ restaurants all week long.  We definitely try to find deals and walk around to places nearby that are hole-in-the-walls.  I love trying new places to eat and Chad just loves to eat so it works.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to blog for all types of people – those that just love to eat – like Chad – and those that like to try new places without packing on the pounds – like me – and those that like to try new places that don’t break the bank – which would really be everyone!

Sit tight.  It all starts soon!