May 28 Witchcraft Tavern

Happy National Hamburger Day!!

In honor of this occasion, Chad and I decided to try finding a new hamburger place.  We had just finished our interval training session at Memorial Park so a nice thick juicy hamburger sounded amazing.  After pulling out our trusty Yelp app, the first 10 places were ehhh.  Most of them were places we had either eaten at before or I had heard of their good burgers but the establishment just didn’t sound that appetizing to me.  Flip to the second page and Witchcraft popped up with a lot of good reviews.  Plus, it was like 2 blocks away from Lee and Tina’s place so they could join us!


The restaurant was really small, but I have to admit, it looked pretty cool inside.

 photo 1  c

d e

They had a really cool collage of speakers on the wall and some of them were working speakers!  The photos of the singers and stuff over the fishtank was awesome as well.  Plus, check out their menu:


Each page had some sort of musical reference on it.  When you first see this place, you think “oh, it’s like a brewery-witch type thing, but it looks like the tavern was named Witchcraft in honor of the Frank Sinatra song.  Nice…

After pondering over the menu, I opted to get the Singpore Ribs which were slow braised in some soy sauce marinade.  Chad got the portabella mushroom sandwich (even though it was his idea to celebrate National Burger Month) while Lee and Tina shared a Stilton Burger.

My Singpore Ribs – the meat just fell off the bones.  The sauce was a bit too much for me but everyone else loved it.  They finished off the plate for me. 🙂

photo 2

Chad’s portabella mushroom sandwich – I took a bite out of it and for a meatless sandwich, that stuff was good. I definitely liked that they cut up the mushroom for us!

photo 3

Lee and Tina’s Stilton Burger.  We clearly made the wrong choice after taking a bite out of theirs.  The bacon was SO good on top of that burger.  I only wished there was cheese on it but Lee’s lactose intolerant.  Oh wells, next time.

photo 4 photo 5

I think one of the cool things about this place was how welcomed we were by the waiter. One of the things we saw on the brunch menu was the sake bloody mary which we really wanted to try but he said they couldn’t give it to us.  Instead, he offered to give us one for free if we came on Sunday for brunch.  “We will see you on Sunday then!”  For all their craft brews, he let us sample them to make sure we liked what we got.  It was so great.  We will definitely be back!

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