June 8 Ellen’s Southern Kitchen

On Saturday, we drove into downtown Dallas to have brunch with Sharmin and Nam.  They are some very close friends of ours.  Sharmin has been one of my closest friends for a long time.  It’s quite funny because when we first met, I actually remembered thinking, “geez, she’s really snobby.  I could never be friends with this girl,” and yet somehow, many years later, we have become the best of friends.  Sharmin is part of the reason why I’ve gone out to eat so much.  We both share a fond love of good food.  Before Chad and I started dating, there were many lunches with Sharmin all over town.  Now that she lives in Dallas, we always try to eat at different places every time we visit.  For brunch on this trip, we voted for Ellen’s Southern Kitchen.  I was initially trying to find a place with really good bloody marys, but something about this place really appealed to me.  Maybe the words “southern kitchen” had something to do with it.

photo 5 photo 4

Ellen’s definitly had a unique vibe to it.  It kind of felt like something that you’d find in Austin.  A great brunch place that also has a full bar.  haha.  Since breakfast is our most favorite meal and we got up nice and early to make it here by 9am, I ordered the mushroom garlic toast (a recommendation of Sharmin’s) and chad got the chili and eggs.  We were really nervous about the chili and eggs.  Remember, we LOVE the chili and eggs from Bellaire Coffee Shop.  We didn’t want to ruin it by eating them here, but Chad couldn’t help it.

photo 1 photo 2

I wasn’t sure about my mushroom garlic toast.  I definitely think it could’ve been better.  Maybe if there was some salsa to go with it or something, I would’ve liked it more, but Chad’s chili was SO good.  I took a few bites and thought “man, I could keep eating this.”  We couldn’t compare it to Bellaire Coffee Shop because theirs is more like scrambled eggs with chili topping.  Here, it was a big bowl of chili with an egg on top.  Totally opposite things.  Next time we’re there, I’m getting that.

In addition to his chili and eggs, Chad also got the spicy grits.

photo 3

You guys know Chad cannot eat food that spicy.  I took one look at the grits and said, “honey, you should probably remove the jalepenos.”  He didn’t believe me and said, they won’t be that spicy and started to mix it all together.  I gave them the stink eye and said, “um, those are grilled jalepenos.  Grilled jalepenos are MUCH spicer than normal.”  Well, he took one spoonful and then proceeded to pick out all the jalepenos.  Poor thing.  hehe. Of course, he tried to redeem himself by saying, “hey, I still have all the seeds in there!”  LOL.

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