May 29 Elevation Burger

Even though it wasn’t National Hamburger Day, we decided to try Elevation Burger anyway.  We were in the area and had heard so much about it.  What made it even more appealing was that we could eat in their little patio with our dogs – always a plus!  Elevation Burger is relatively new to town.  They bought the old Mai Thai’s on Kirby and renovated it into a nice drive through with an outdoor patio seating area.  The concept here is 100% organic, grass fed, free range beef and fries that are cooked in olive oil.  That would explain the high prices!

One of the things that we were told about Elevation Burger is that their fries rival McDonald’s.  I don’t know about that… I mean, McDonald’s fries are like the shiznits.  You tell me.  From first glance, do they look like McDonald’s fries??

photo 4

Not really.  They weren’t even that crunchy either.  To be fair though, I’m not a fan of fresh cut fries.  They just don’t come out the same way.  Not as crunchy and not as flavorful.  Maybe I just like the greasy flavor. Who knows. Anyway, I got the regular cheeseburger and Chad got a veggie patty.  (I’ve said it before. He eats bad for lunch and then goes vegan for dinner.)

photo 5

Check it out.  That patty actually looks really good!  hehe.  Overall, Elevation Burger was pretty good.  Aside from the fries, the only thing I didn’t like was the cheese on my burger.  It tasted like that weird cheese you get from school on your burger – the kind that’s kinda plasticy.

Anyway, I think the concept is good but I don’t know if this place will be one of those places that sprout up all over town.  There are so many good burger places around here.  I do like that they allowed our dogs on the patio.  I think that would be it’s key appeal.

photo 3

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