May 30 Dogwood

Dogwood.  I wanted to visit this place when they first had their soft opening but we never got around to it.  Every so often, my friend Viet would ask me if we wanted to go but the answer was always no.  Finally, Viet was heading there to watch the NBA game and I figured, yeah, I can make it.  Chad was with his friends so I was solo anyway.

photo 3

Where should I even begin?  Viet and his friends got there after work and I had just finished up a run at Memorial Park so I was heading over in my running gear.  (I’m married now, so who cares!) Well, gee whiz, this place was DOUCHY as can be.


Dogwood is located in Midtown here in Houston.  Midtown is filled with yuppies in their mid-20s.  The bar was filled with young professionals trying to be seen.  I felt so out of place, yet at the same time thinking “wow, I used to be one of these kids.”  LOL.  oyyy…

The great thing about this trip was that it was both mine and Viet’s first time there.  With 3 of his friends there with us, we were able to try a lot of different dishes on the menu.  That’s the cool thing about going someplace to eat with a group of guys.  They eat so much that you can really order a bunch of stuff!

aphoto 4 photo 2 photo 1

We ordered some chicken fried steak fingers (in the chinese to-go box) and some buffalo wings.  I also ordered the grilled cheese sandwich with ham and fried green tomatoes.  I don’t know if you would call that a “grilled cheese sandwich.”  It was more like a ham and cheese sandwich.  LOL.   The chicken fried steak fingers were ok.  I think I would’ve liked it better if it was just an ENTIRE chicken fried steak.  The buffalo wings weren’t too bad either.  The grilled cheese sandwich? HOLY MOLY that was probaby the best, most fattening grilled cheese sandwich I have ever had.  I think I’d totally go back there again for that.

Another reason I’d go back?? This is the first bar that I’ve been to that carrys Deep Eddy Vodka.


Deep Eddy hasn’t been around for that long but they have iced tea flavored vodka.  Yup, you read that right.  Look at that photo.  Doesn’t that look like iced tea to you? Yeah.  It does, but it isn’t!  It’s Deep Eddy iced tea vodka with sprite baby.  The thing tastes like iced tea with lemon.  It was so good.  Don’t take my word for it.  Go there and try that combo yourself.  Iced Tea Vodka with sprite.  Do it.  Just ignore all the douchebags around you.  🙂

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