Day 1 – Van Locs

We don’t know who this is harder for – us or our friends.  For us, giving total control to our friends for our dinner selections is a crazy thing but for our friends, we are surprised at the number of people who cannot follow directions!!

july 21

So when Chad found out the winner voted for Van Locs, he was not very happy.  We go to Van Locs all the time and it just so happens that it’s the first restaurant recommended that is within the rules.  *sigh*  Not cool, guys, not cool.

Our new food adventure

Ok, we get it.  We’ve been away for a long time – almost 2 months now.  It’s not that we haven’t been doing anything. It’s just that we have had a hard time trying to figure out what our new food adventure would be.  We toyed with the idea of doing a steak night every week, but that would get boring very fast.  (For those of you not from Houston, Houston is known for what we call “steak nights” where different bars around town will serve some sort of steak and potato dish for an unbelievably cheap price.  Some places have AWESOME steak and potato for about $17 while others offer 3 course steak meals for only $15.  It’s not anything gourmet.  It’s just a way to get crowds in.  They likely take a small loss or break-even on the food so that they can make a lot of money in alcohol sales.)

So when we were toying with that idea, we went to Community Bar for their Tuesday night steak night and I just thought “man, that would get boring really fast.  Even though we’re only eating steak one night per week, it will still get boring.”  Then we thought about trying to do 30 straight days where we’d have to run or walk to our dinner destination but man, it’s too hot here in Houston for something like that.  Besides, most nights, we are out and about meeting other people to running errands anyway.

One night, we had stayed in watching “Waiting for Superman” and skipped out on dinner.  It was about 10:30pm and we decided that we should probably eat something even though it’s so late.  We couldn’t decide between Ruchi’s Mexican or House of Pies so I said, “Fine, I know what to do.”  I pulled out my phone and made a simple post on Facebook.  “Need help picking a place for dinner.  Ruchi’s or House of Pies,” and then I just waited.  Chad thought it was amusing, but I knew my group of friends would come through and within 5 minutes, someone said “House of Pies” so off we went.  That gave Chad the inspiration for our next food adventure.  What if, for 30 days, we let our friends decide where we eat?  Obviously, this would only work on my Facebook page, but what we would do is at some random time during the day, I would make a post asking for dinner suggestions.  We will then go to whatever restaurant is first posted.  It seemed interesting.  Why not leave the fate of our dinner plans in the hands of our friends?  What if they chose some rinky-dink place in the hood?  What if they choose McDonalds?  What if it’s the same person making the first post each time?  We knew we had to come up with some rules if this was going to be a fun experience, so here they are:

1. No fine dining establishments.  We want this to be about finding unique places that neither of us would ever have thought to go to.

2. It must be within 10 miles of downtown Houston during the week and 15 miles of downtown Houston during the weekends.  Sorry, we just don’t have the time to be driving 20 miles to eat at some restaurant.

3. Each person is only allowed to be the first poster once a week.

4.  We reserve the right to remove posting privileges from people who abuse it.

So there it is, our next food adventure.  We’re worried about the places we will go, but at the same time, we’re excited.   I’m already feeling not so sure about this.  Today is the first day that we’re doing this and the first poster suggested Pappas Bros….seriously?! Pappas Bros???? *ugh*