Meet the DINKs


Hi there!  My name is Kim and my husband is Chad.  We live in Houston, Texas with our two beautiful dogs.  I guess you could say we’re the “modern” family as some San Franciscans call it.  Instead of the married with 2.5 kids, we’re married with 2 dogs!  I work in the investor relations department at my company.  My office used to be a mile away from our apartment but then we bought a house and now it’s like a 20 minute drive *sigh*.  My husband is an electrical engineer and he works about 30 minutes away.  In whatever spare time we have, we both really enjoy biking and running together.  Sometimes, we even travel to run in races.  We’ve done both the Disneyland and Disneyworld half marathons.

In our industries, we are lucky enough to work what’s called a 9/80 schedule meaning we get every other Friday off.  The downside to this is that we both – often times – get home later than most other people would, especially when one of us works late.  By the time both of us are home, it’s after 6:30 and after we walk our boys, it’s hovering around 7 which is WAY too late to start cooking dinner.  Because of this, we have found ourselves eating out a lot – sometimes almost every day!  In 2012, we decided to really try living the downtown Houston lifestyle by eating at a different restaurant every night for 30 days.  It wasn’t as hard as it seemed, but we sure had to watch ourselves.  Everyone knows eating out everyday can really help you pack on the pounds.  In 2013, we decided it would be interesting to try doing it again, except for 60 days and I thought, “ooh, we should chronicle it on a blog!”  It would be nice to share our experience with whoever wants to hear about it!  So for 60 days, we ate at a different restaurant and documented our experiences on this blog.  After it was up, we thought we’d try a new adventure by letting our friends pick the restaurants we’d eat at.  Unfortunately, our friends were not that good at choosing restaurants for us so we gave up on that idea.

Fast forward a year and here we are again.  We still live in the city, but we don’t live in downtown anymore which makes eating out at new restaurants a bit harder, but lucky for us, we both love to eat!  Houston may not be known for huge tourism but it is known for food!

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