Back From the Dead

I got a lot of grief yesterday from a colleague who used to read this blog.  He went on and on about how marriage changed us and that’s why I don’t go out to eat and post anymore.  He figured my blog would just become another one of those crappy blogs that don’t get updated for years.

Sheesh.  Way to make a girl feel bad.  SOOOO, after talking to Chad last night, we decided we would try to have a new post each week.  Maybe that will get us out of this funk we’ve been in.  It’s no excuse, but the location of our new house isn’t exploding with cool new restaurants to try.  I mean, thank god, we don’t live out in the suburbs where your choices are all chain restaurants, but we aren’t exactly super close to local establishments like we were when we were living downtown.

Anyway, recently we have been addicted to Korean dramas.  You’re probably shaking your head in disbelief, but we got a taste of it and are now stuck.  My advice to you is don’t do it.  Don’t watch a short clip of an episode.  Don’t watch a full episode or you’ll get sucked in.  If you do, say goodbye to the next 20-25 hours of your life.  You’ve been warned.

One of the awesome things about watching these dramas is seeing all the really good looking food they eat on the shows – one of which is noodles and ramen.  After watching enough episodes, we suddenly decided we had to find a good Korean noodle restaurant to try out.  After consulting our trusty Yelp app and looking for a restaurant that was still open at that late hour, we found ourselves at Korean Noodle House.

photo 2This place is no joke.  We were literally in a house that had been converted into a restaurant.  There were probably no more than 10 tables, and I’m pretty sure we were sitting in their living room.  The walls were plastered with posters of K-Pop bands like Girls Generation and whatever and the K-Pop music was definitely going on the sound system.

Anyway, after ordering, the bus boy or waiter help guy brought us out some kim chi.  I don’t even know what course this would be called.  We didn’t order it.  They brought it out for free kind of like when you go to Mexican restaurants and you get chips and salsa.

photo 1You could definitely tell this was homemade.  I know a lot of people out there don’t like kim chi.  It’s either too salty or the smell is too strong, but this homemade version was just right.  Not too salty or too smelly which made it easy to eat.  Because we went out for dinner so late, it was nice to get something in the stomach to hold us over.  If you have never tried kim chi, I’d suggest trying it here first.  That way, it’s like a baby step to the real motherland stuff.

As an appetizer, Chad ordered their seafood pancake.  I didn’t know Koreans had “pancake.”  There’s probably some variation of it in every Asian country.  I know there’s a Vietnamese version and a Chinese version.  I guess I can say we’ve now had the Korean version.

photo 3

This was the SMALL pancake.  It was huge ass dish and enough to fill me up.  I didn’t particularly like it as much as Chad did.  I think there was too much seafood in it and the smell was getting to me.  I much prefer the Vietnamese turnip cake version, but to each his own.

For our main entree, I ended up ordering their seafood noodle bowl and Chad ordered their bulgogi noodle dish. I’m inserting these photos in large format so that you can see all the ingredients.  My seafood noodle bowl was bigger than my head.  How is this even a single portion??  And under $15 no less?! Chad’s dish was bigger than his face too.  There was no way we could finish all of this in one sitting. I’m not sure which one I liked more, mine or his.  Mine was so good and the spices definitely opened up my sinuses.  I could probably drink this broth all day long.  Chad’s bulgogi noodle dish was amazing.  If you’re not in the mood to slurp up soup, definitely go with the bulgogi noodle dish.

photo 5 photo 4