June 7 Asian Mint

So after eating at 60 different restaurants in 60 days, we can finally take a break!!! No more posting all the time.  Actually, I take that back.  Sometimes, I don’t have time to post so then I have to spend like a couple hours updating our blog.  😦 Not fun!

This past weekend, we headed to Dallas for a half marathon on Sunday.  That’s a great strategy to have when you’re eating out as much as we do.  Sign up for races so that you’re forced to workout.  That way, you can continue eating the way that you do without putting on any weight.  In fact, after our run, I actually lost 3 pounds!!

Anyway, our first night in Dallas, we decided to eat at Asian Mint.  I found this place on Yelp when we were trying to find a restaurant that would be halfway between downtown Dallas and Plano.  We were meeting up my good friend Thi and her husband Jimmy.

6-11-2013 9-07-32 AM

Judging from the inside, it looks like a hipster cafe, but everyone who was there were like middle aged folks.  Plus, the name itself implies Asian food, but the majority of the menu was thai food with a handful of chinese dishes.  I don’t know.  We were pretty hungry so we ordered some edamame, a bowl of tom yum soup and chad got the Larb Kai lettuce wraps while I got the red curry chicken. 

photo 2 photo 1

The curry was very good.  I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of bamboo that was in it.  I LOVE bamboo shoots in curry.  I wish more places used it.  The disappointing thing about the curry was that the menu said it also had red and green bell peppers in it but I only saw maybe 3 small slices.  I guess I was ok with it.  Chad’s larb kai (chicken) was a bit too spicy and somewhat on the salty side for him.  That is one thing I’ve noticed.  I know that I have a sensitive tongue when it comes to saltiness, but more often than not, when ethnic food is cooked for a white crowd, the chef tends to add more salt to it.  I’m not sure why… 

Overall, I’m glad we came here.  It was fun to catch up with Thi and Jimmy.  The interesting thing about this place is that though it looks super hipster and modern, it was tucked away in this weird, older shopping center.  It seemed a bit out of place.  I guess that’s how they keep their prices so low.