The Rules

When we did our 60 day challenge, we had to come up with some rules because there are certain situations that we may not have any control over like events belonging to other people.  If you’d like to try this out yourself, here are the rules:

As a couple by ourselves, Chad and I could not eat at the same restaurant twice in the 60 day span.

Exceptions are as follows:

1. Events organized/hosted by other people.

2. Eating at home (though this rarely happens).  Chad and I may eat leftovers that accumulate in the fridge.  If we opt to stay in and cook, we cannot cook an entree that we have previously cooked in the 60 days.

3. Random dinner-dates with other people.  If a random dinner-date is scheduled and the location of dinner is TBD, Chad and I may not suggest or hint at a restaurant we have already eaten at.  If the joining people suggest a place that we have already eaten at, then the place is allowed so long as everyone in the group wants to go.

The third rule is really more for Chad.  It’s crawfish season here in Houston and he didn’t want me to limit our crawfish eating to 1 time during the prime season.  Lucky for him, many of our friends eat crawfish and we get invited all the time. 🙂

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